Introducing Eutelsat ADVANCE

A new experience of dynamic high-end connectivity services Eutelsat ADVANCE is our new suite of services designed to tackle the challenges of modern connectivity. Distributed by our network of service partners, it’s available for companies, telcos and governments who want to take the next step in accessing reliable connectivity with unprecedented reach. In this blog, we’ll outline why Eutelsat ADVANCE should be on your radar and what sets it apart from other connectivity services.

What is Eutelsat ADVANCE?

Eutelsat ADVANCE is a single, turnkey solution for extending your reach and accessing previously inaccessible markets. Delivering a satellite network-as-a-service experience, ADVANCE is distributed by an open ecosystem of partners and seamlessly integrates multiple capacities.

Enabling business and technical agility, ADVANCE boosts your communications efficiency and time-to-market with sophisticated satellite technology. A flexible service catalogue tailored for each market gives users the most relevant service for their needs and can be scaled up or down depending on requirements.

What are the core benefits of Eutelsat ADVANCE?

ADVANCE offers many benefits for its users. It comes with all the advantages of using a premier satellite service and combines it with the Eutelsat service and prompt support that we have built our reputation on.

Here are a few of the primary benefits of using Eutelsat ADVANCE.


Eutelsat offers coverage of every continent with a strategically placed fleet of powerful satellites. ADVANCE enables you to reach any remote location independent of infrastructure or terrain. Our network is fully equipped to seamlessly integrate Ku and Ka-band capacity based on your needs and targeted location.


Eutelsat ADVANCE doesn’t lock you into constrained contracts or limited service deals. Bandwidth can be increased or decreased on-demand – with no commitment for duration or volume required.


ADVANCE is one of the only connectivity services available that scales accurately according to your needs. Our integrated, state-of-the-art platform enables application-use identification, prioritisation and throttling to boost business-critical application performance at an affordable rate that scales with your business demand.

Rapid activation based on business needs

Eutelsat ADVANCE offers various VNO services and packages. Each one is a fast, end-to-end managed solution that can be rapidly activated and deployed according to business needs. Our pre-defined packaged services contain Ka and Ku-band broadband plans, while our aggregated VNO services offer a specific, isolated environment defined by committed Mbps. In addition, we also provide custom solutions for key partners with specific needs.

Designed for specific market challenges

Eutelsat ADVANCE has been developed with specific markets in mind that can benefit from flexible, reliable and fast connectivity. These industries include the maritime, telecommunications, government, aviation and private enterprise industries, each with specific challenges that ADVANCE addresses.

In-flight Connectivity Services

Airlines are leveraging connectivity through passenger mobile apps and devices to increase brand engagement and provide a seamless online experience through the entire travel experience, starting from their booking through to their final drop off at the destination. However, the stability of in-flight connectivity has traditionally been an uphill battle.

The proliferation of inflight connectivity in the last decade has resulted in more than 25% of the world’s commercial aircraft being connected and by 2030, the number of commercial aircraft equipped with a data connectivity Wi-Fi service is projected to at least double as more airlines provide satellite-based connectivity for both cabin and operational uses.

Eutelsat ADVANCE Aviation is the most reliable solution on the market for the aviation industry to offer consistent connectivity. With worldwide access to GEO and LEO satellite constellations, we are able to provide deep and flexible internet options to ensure a high-quality, mobile user experience with every flight.

Last Updated on October 22, 2021 by MEA Aviation

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