Aviation Sheikh Mohammed aerospace hub in Dubai south breaks ground on hangar facility for helicopters

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Aerospace Hub (MBRAH) has announced the start of construction on Dubai Helipark’s second phase, the Helicopter Centre, in collaboration with Air Chateau International.

The General Civil Aviation Authority certified Air Chateau International to begin helicopter operations at the Dubai Helipark in 2022, opening the door for a plethora of private helicopter owners, individuals, and corporations to consider leasing a parking spot within the premises and ensuring easy access to other heliports.

Tahnoon Saif, CEO of MBRAH, Dr Samir Mohammed, Chairman and Founder of Air Chateau International, Shilton Tony Irudayaraj, Co-Founder and CEO of Air Chateau, and other senior executives attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

Dubai Helipark, which covers 42,800 square meters, is located next to the private airport. will feature an extension of the existing apron to accommodate 12 helicopters and cater to world-class helicopter MRO services.

The state-of-the-art helicopter centre is the largest of its kind, currently accommodating eight helicopters to facilitate transport between business centres and tourist destinations across the UAE; it will also feature a VIP lounge to meet and greet and brief potential ultra-high-net-worth individuals arriving at the VIP Terminal. In addition to offering the best amenities for UHNWIs arriving by their private jets, Air Chateau International will also provide MRO services and a showroom for the latest helicopters showcased by world-leading manufacturers.

In his comments, Tahnoon Saif, CEO of Mohammed Bin Rashid Aerospace Hub, said: “We are thrilled to announce the commencement of construction on the new phase of Dubai Helipark. This remarkable development is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional services that cater to the needs of helicopter owners. At MBRAH, we are deeply committed to aligning ourselves with the government’s vision of solidifying Dubai’s position on the world aviation map, and we are proud to play our part in contributing to Dubai’s economy through our innovative offerings and tailored solutions. We are dedicated to providing exceptional services that exceed our clients’ expectations and contribute to the continued growth of Dubai’s aviation industry.”

Dr Samir Mohammed, Chairman and Founder of Air Chateau International, said: “Since the successful launch of the first phase of Dubai Helipark, we have been overwhelmed by the positive response from private helicopter owners and key stakeholders. As a result, we are expecting a remarkable increase in the number of operations in the coming quarters. At Air Chateau International, we take pride in utilising our expertise in the aviation industry to ensure that the helicopter centre is operational and provides a first-class experience that caters to the needs of our discerning customers.”

Last Updated on March 21, 2023 by MEA Aviation

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