Almatar Travel Group signs a new technology agreement with Sabre.

Saudi travel company deploys a set of Sabre leading solutions to help drive revenue and ignite operational efficiency

At the Saudi Tourism Forum in Riyadh, Almatar Travel Group and Sabre Corporation, two of the world’s top software and technology companies that power the travel industry, signed a new technology agreement that will see the travel company use Sabre’s cutting-edge technology and solutions to boost operational efficiency, advance its virtual payments strategy, and transform the traveler experience.

Almatar Travel Group will benefit from Sabre’s comprehensive travel ecosystem, including air, lodging, ancillary, and NDC content, under the terms of this arrangement. Also, Almatar will utilize Sabre’s Red 360 intelligent platform and portfolio of cutting-edge technology, which will help the travel agency stand out from the competition.

Additionally, Almatar will use Sabre’s APIs and Automation Hub to help it stay competitive in the dynamic Saudi marketplace.

“With the impressive developments of the Saudi Vision 2030, we are witnessing increased tourism in the country, allowing us to deal with travellers from around the world with different expectations and accustomed to different technology,” said Faisal Al Rajhi, President, Almatar Travel Group. “We turned to Sabre to advance our technology, expand our reach and equip ourselves with intelligent solutions that make shopping and booking travel intuitive, personalised and flexible which is important to differentiate our offerings in a competitive marketplace.”

Almatar Travel Group is advancing its payments solution and will deploy Sabre Virtual Payments (SVP) to help maximize value of its B2B payments and to provide payments flexibility and control, increased fraud protection and security, accurate reconciliation and better automation and efficiency.

“We are excited to partner with Sabre at this exciting time to support the Kingdom’s vision and the travel and tourism developments,” said Aimen Saleh, CEO, Almatar. “Our mission at Almatar is to deploy advanced products and technologies with our unique position in the Saudi market to deliver a best-in-class travel experience for our customers. Therefore, we are working with Sabre on the payments front to benefit from their leading virtual payments solutions. Sabre’s technology and reach which will be essential components in our growth and technology strategy.”

Almatar and Sabre signed the new agreement at the Saudi Tourism Forum in Riyadh which offers travel and tourism companies interaction and networking opportunities with one another and features cutting-edge technology and environmental solutions that will transform travel in the future.

“To support the Saudi Vision 2030, agencies like Almatar need access to innovative technology and content,” said Abdul-Razzaq Iyer, vice president, Sabre Travel Network Middle East. “Almatar is already a proven innovator in travel, delivering highly tailored experiences to its customers in both online and offline space. We are proud to partner with Almatar to advance its payments strategy and recruit the right solutions to fuel their growth and expansion plans.”

Last Updated on April 13, 2023 by MEA Aviation

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