Ali Ahmed Alnaqbi re-elected to chair the IBAC for the second time in a row

The Middle East & North Africa’s leading business aviation advocate, MEBAA Chairman – Ali Ahmed Alnaqbi, was re-elected to chair the governing board of the International Business Aviation Council  (IBAC) for the second time in a row for a period of three years (2023 – 2025). The IBAC Board elected  Alnaqbi to the position for a second term at the Governing Board meeting held in Orlando.

Alnaqbi, the first Arab ever to head IBAC, has held the position of chairman since 2020 and earlier  served as Vice Chairman for three years. The IBAC Governing Board serves the diverse needs of  business aviation across the globe and is involved in all ICAO forums that impact business aviation worldwide. 

“I’m delighted to chair the IBAC for the second time in a row” said Alnaqbi, “We have reached multiple  milestones for the last three years despite the difficult time caused by the pandemic outbreak, we have succeeded to bring confidence back to our community by sharing expertise on a global scale. We  are working collectively at the council with member associations and ICAO to improve efficiency to  mitigate our industry’s impact on the environment and its contribution to sustainability. We are on  track to reach the goal of net zero emissions by 2050 implementing Sustainable Aviation Fuel for a  greener and cleaner future of our industry”. 

Alnaqbi has served in the regional business aviation industry for more than 30 years. He founded  MEBAA (Middle East & North Africa Business Aviation Association) in 2006 in Dubai representing the  Middle East and North Africa region under the umbrella of IBAC. MEBAA plays an important role in  drafting legislation and rules specific to business aviation and represents the entire community to the  local aviation authorities. Alnaqbi is instrumental in driving the business aviation industry in the MENA  region to new heights. He has been duly lauded by Governments in the region for his role and  achievements in bringing about safety and efficiency.


Last Updated on November 21, 2022 by MEA Aviation

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